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Join "partners-in-crime" Jenny Seale and Alinda Quinn to gain a deeper understanding of narcissism and its devastating impact on parenting, the workplace, and romantic relationships. Learn how to avoid being the Narcissist's Target and what to do if you are entangled in their web.


Meet in a virtual room with an intimate group of women who are Adult Survivors of Narcissistic and Psychological Abuse for support and growth. Group size will be kept small to maintain a sense of safety and to encourage group members to engage and bond.

Jenny will bring a different topic for the group to consider and discuss, sharing personal experiences (within the group comfort level). Education about Narcissistic/Psychological Abuse topics will be offered as the group desires.

*Membership by invitation only.* Attendance will be required 3 times/month to maintain group cohesiveness and to keep your seat in the group. First-time attendance is free to experience the group and see if you are interested in becoming a member.

Anticipated Launch Date: Fall 2022

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