Package Terms and Conditions

Comprehensive 6-Week and 13-Week Packages

All Packages provide a comprehensive set of services (see list, below) delivered each week, in addition to a weekly session. Therefore, Packages are based on the number of weeks of service, not on the number of sessions.

Package Start Date – the date of your first session for the Package

Package End Date – the day the Package expires and services end (41 days for 6-week Packages & 90 days for 13-week Packages)

Standing Session Time on Jenny's Calendar Every Week

When you purchase your Package, and we agree on your appointment time, I block my calendar for that day/time for the duration of the Package. If you or I already know of a conflict for a session, we’ll adjust that session time. The first session for your Package must be within 7 days of purchase unless otherwise arranged.

I set aside this block of time specifically for you. I never “overbook,” and I only see 4 clients/per day so that I can be fully present for you. I am dedicated to holding our sessions at this time every week and ask that you are too. After booking your Package, I will send a PDF schedule to you via email.

As a general rule, I do not send appointment reminders. Please let me know if you would like to receive 24- or 48-hour automated reminders via text. I’m happy to set that up if it helps you!

75-Minute Session on Zoom

We will use the same Zoom link weekly. Please let me know if you’ve never used Zoom and need technical assistance!

Quick Check-ins throughout the week via text

Sometimes, you just need a gentle reminder that someone else is in your corner! My clients are close to my heart, and I often send quick “How ya doing? Thinking about you…” messages between sessions. I appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch, and you are welcome to text me anytime, 24/7, at 512-877-3233. I regret that I might not be available to respond after 7 pm Central Time, before 10 am, or on some weekends. But I promise to read every message you send and reply when possible. If during a Check-In, we discover that you need more intensive support, I will ask if you would like to have a "Sanity Check" on zoom.

One unplanned, optional 20-minute "Sanity Check" each week

Due to the nature of Narcissistic and Emotionally Abusive relationships and their after-effects, it is not uncommon for clients to have times between sessions when they experience substantial emotional dysregulation and stress. This experience is common and normal. You may find that you need an extra bit of “unplanned” support before your next scheduled coaching session.

A Sanity Check call is a 20-minute on-demand Zoom call based on my current availability. Sanity Checks are only for my ongoing coaching clients who have appointments with me weekly and have a current Package. Every Package of Services I offer includes one Sanity Check per week. Additional Sanity Checks may be purchased for $35. Please text me at 512.877.3233 & I will reply with my earliest availability to meet with you on a video call. Generally, I will be able to work you into my schedule within 2-5 hours (sometimes immediately). I do not offer Sanity Checks over text, telephone, or email except when there is a safety issue and at my discretion. If a Sanity Check runs over time, I will invoice you for the additional time in increments of 10 minutes.

Weekly Suggested Homework Activity delivered through Quenza

Quenza is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use online learning management system that you can access through a web browser or download the app to your phone. If this is your first time purchasing a Package, I will email you the invitation link to create a Quenza account after you have purchased your package. Quenza will not charge you for the account or use of the system.

Each week after our session, I will send you an “Activity” to complete before our next session. I will choose the Activity each week based on where you are in your Recovery Journey. You will also have weekly journaling prompts in the “Post-Session Journaling Pathway.”

All of these activities are optional – never required! However, this homework is a key benefit of your Package and will enhance and deepen your Recovery Journey, so it is strongly suggested. No refunds or compensation will be made if you choose not to use the Quenza system or complete the Activities/Pathways.

Access to a growing library of Recovery Resources curated specifically for your Recovery Journey (Quenza)

As we continue to work together, I will share additional resources with you through the Quenza system, aside from the Activities and Pathways. You’ll find these resources in the “Files” tab in your Quenza account. If you are interested in a particular topic or want more information about something we’ve discussed, I welcome your suggestions!

Policies Regarding Rescheduling and Canceling

Should something urgent arise that prevents you from holding our session at the regular weekly day/time…..

  • 24-hour notice from your session’s start time is required to Reschedule (except for emergencies). Without this advance notice from you, the session will not be rescheduled and will be deducted from your Package.
  • *When you provide 24-hour notice: You may choose to reschedule that session for any time before the End Date of your package. Or you can opt to extend two other sessions by 35 minutes.
  • If a Week’s Session is Rescheduled, all other Services will be delivered that week (Homework, Check-ins, Optional Sanity Check, Recovery Resource Library, and retention of your Standing Session Time)
  • All Sessions included in the Package MUST be used by the Package End Date.
  • Any Sessions not used by the End of the Package will not be reimbursed or compensated.
  • If/when I am on vacation or factors out of my control prevent me from holding a session, you may choose to reschedule for another date before the End Date of your Package or extend your next two sessions by 35 minutes.
  • All Purchases are non-refundable.

Access to Quenza When your Package ends, but you want to take a “break” from Coaching, you will retain access to your Quenza account for 90 days unless otherwise arranged. If you choose not to return to Jenny’s Coaching services after 90 days, your Quenza account will be deleted. I will retain a PDF of all of your completed Activities and Pathways, and you may request a copy of this file at any time. Please refer to JSC Policies and Procedures - Grievance Policy and Termination and Quenza Assets for further policies.