Getting Started/Initial Consultation

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Why Choose Jenny?

You don't have to convince me of the validity of your story. Early on in my recovery, I needed someone to believe me and the "crazy-making" stuff I'd been through - I will be that person for you.

    I understand your experience. While our stories might be different, we have both lived through the madness of a Narcissistic and/or Psychologically abusive relationship and suffered its devastating effects.
    I only work with Narcissistic/Psychological Abuse survivors. As survivors of this insidious abuse, we have unique needs, so I offer extra support between sessions. I will always be kind, direct, and candid. I will earn your trust.

HIPAA-Compliance: Your personal safety, privacy, and the security of your Protected Health Information are of paramount importance to me. Although coaches are not required by law to be HIPAA-compliant, I have enacted HIPAA-compliant practices so my clients have that extra layer of security.

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How do we begin with coaching?

Initial Consultation

In this 45-minute session, we'll explore where you are and how I can help, ensuring we are a good fit going forward. This isn't a coaching session, so we won't do any "unpacking"—just a slow and easy conversation.

Please fill out the Initial Consultation Questionnaire found on the Client Forms page, at least 24 hours before our scheduled time. Your answers will facilitate our conversation and ensure I answer all of your questions. If you are unable to complete the form, we'll need to reschedule your Consultation so that you can complete it.

Please purchase your Consultation here, then contact me directly by text (512-877-3233) to schedule.

Purchase an Initial Consultation ($75)

Initial Consultation Questionnaire

Current Session and Package offerings

What is our ongoing coaching process?

Weekly sessions of 75 minutes in a judgment-free, compassion-filled, safe, and sacred space

In our first few sessions, we'll unpack and acknowledge the abuse and your past traumas, help you find your footing, take stock of your relationship with yourself and others, your current network of support, and what steps are needed to continue your process of healing and growth.

I will validate your experience and help you make sense of events that don't make sense. You'll develop language and labels for what has happened to you so that the mental fog and chaos caused by Narcissistic and Psychological Abuse begins to lift, and you gain some clarity.

Quick check-ins throughout the week via text or email are always welcome and encouraged.

Please know that I don't think anything is wrong with you -- you're not broken. As a trauma survivor, I believe you are having a normal reaction to abnormal circumstances. I also believe that you have within you all that you need to move forward from your trauma and create the life you want. I know that you may not believe that yourself right now – that's ok. I will help you to find that information inside of you.

What might have been suitable for me on my healing journey might not be right for you. My role in your journey is to be a source of knowledge, encouragement, validation, and, especially, support when you feel overwhelmed and/or lost. We are peers; I'm not an authority figure. I will always honor your voice and choice.

As our work continues

  • Understand what is happening physically, mentally, and emotionally as a result of the abuse and your past traumas
  • Understand the ways the abuse and traumas are manifesting in your present-day
  • Deconstruct the beliefs and patterns that hinder your recovery
  • Support in breaking the Trauma Bond and going "No Contact," if this is your choice
  • Build resilience and expand your emotional comfort zone and Window of Capacity
  • Reestablish your sense of self-agency, trust, and safety
  • Rediscover who you are independent of the abuse, identify your strengths, and reclaim your voice and choice
  • Support in setting and achieving recovery goals based on your priorities
  • Develop your Toolbox of Mastery to aid you as you make progress toward your desired life
  • Improve current relationships and form healthy new ones
  • Increase knowledge about Narcissistic Abuse trauma and recovery as it pertains to your experience and circumstances

I am in your corner

You can expect me:

  • to be on time for appointments, and during our sessions to be 100% focused on our time together

  • to be knowledgeable about narcissistic abuse trauma and up to date on the latest research

  • to be your peer and guide through our time together

  • to hold safe, non-judgemental space for you, your story, and your experience

  • to never ask you to complete an activity I have never completed

  • to offer client-led services; I know trauma, but you know yourself

  • to honor your right to choose your path and use your voice

  • to commit to serving your needs in a professional and loving manner

  • to extend grace and empathy

  • to celebrate you on this journey

  • to meet you where you are in your healing

  • to never use force, pressure, or guilt in our relationship

  • to bring tools and strategies to our work so that you feel confident knowing you are “on the right path”

My expectations of you:

  • to come to sessions willing to work on your recovery within your current ability and skills

  • to dedicate your focus during our coaching time on our work for the entirety of our session

  • to be as open and honest with me as your current recovery and trust levels allow

  • to engage in self-care to the best of your current ability

  • to inform me of your needs so that I can maximize the support I give you

  • to set recovery goals with my assistance when you are ready

  • to work toward meeting those goals at your own pace, with my assistance

  • to let me know if anything in our relationship is uncomfortable

  • to adhere to my Policies and Procedures

  • to complete and sign the New Client Forms before our sessions begin

  • to work with me under the assumption that you are in charge of your treatment and progress, that you always have a voice and choice

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If you are exhausted and feel stuck, but ready to focus on authentic recovery, please get in touch. You have choices. You don’t have to do this alone.

Allow me to step in beside you, and we’ll walk your recovery journey together.

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