Sessions and Pricing

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VIP Flexible Monthly Package

Many clients prefer flexible session scheduling rather than being "locked-in" to a session every week. There are many reasons for this -- busy personal schedules (traveling for work, family responsibilities, school schedules, etc.) or because they want extra time to process and apply what has been learned in Sessions. As such, a rigid weekly schedule doesn't make sense!

This Package offers the most consistent access to Jenny, great flexibility for YOUR schedule, and meets you where YOU are in your Recovery for an all-inclusive low monthly rate:

  • Up to three 75-minute Sessions per month, as desired
  • Up to three 30-minute Check-Ins per month, as desired
  • Convenient 24/7 Self-Service Scheduling via an online booking calendar
  • Consistent contact and support from Jenny via text between appointments
  • Homework and/or Journal Prompts, as desired
  • All Sessions and Check-Ins on Zoom

With this Package, you're in the driver's-seat and can utilize be any combination of 0-3 full Sessions and 0-3 Check-ins each calendar month, such as one full Session and two check-ins, or three full Sessions and no check-ins, etc., plus I'm very available by text (except when I'm asleep or not caffeinated!). When "you-know-who" tries a new manipulation tactic and you think you're losing your mind, you might choose to meet with me six times that month (three full sessions and three check-ins).

$460/month auto-pay or invoice due by the 7th of each month

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**For new clients, an initial 2-month commitment is strongly suggested.

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6-Week Intensive Package

This Package includes a comprehensive set of services for 6 weeks:

  • Convenient 24/7 Self-Service Scheduling via an online booking calendar
  • 6 Weekly sessions of 75-minutes each (on Zoom)
  • Suggested Homework Activity as desired
  • Quick supportive check-ins throughout the week via text
  • One optional 30-minute Check-In/Sanity Check call every week is included (See details below)

**This Package best serves clients dedicated to regular sessions at a standing time each week. Missed Sessions may be rescheduled (with 24-hour notice) but will not be carried over past the 6-week End Date of the Package.


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*All sessions must be used within 41 days (6 weeks) of purchase. All purchases are non-refundable.

Package Terms and Conditions


Single Coaching Session

For clients not yet ready for a longer-term commitment.

  • A single, private coaching session of 75-minutes
  • One quick supportive check-in in the following week via text


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*All purchases are non-refundable.

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30-minute Check-In / Sanity Check

Sometimes you need extra support (as in NOW!) between regular weekly sessions for assistance with:

  • Resisting a Hoover by the Narcissist
  • Clearing the fog of recent Gaslighting or cognitive dissonance
  • Support while breaking the Trauma Bond or going/during No-Contact
  • Validation that your abuser's behavior doesn't make sense (the Madness)
  • Anything that has you off-balance and you need help to regain your footing

This need is very common in Psychological Abuse Recovery! So I offer these unplanned calls - when you need this extra support, request a Sanity Check Call, and I will work you into my schedule ASAP, usually the same day.

Check-Ins may also be used when your schedule does not permit a full Session. As such, you may schedule for 2+ days in the future through the Self-Service Online Booking Calendar.

Offered only to current clients who consistently hold a 75-minute Session at least once per month.

The 6-Week Intensive includes 1 optional Check-In per week, and the VIP Flexible Package includes up to three Check-Ins per month. But if you need an additional Check-In in the same week/month, you can purchase it here.

30 minutes / $50

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