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You've been through Hell, haven't you?

The constant emotional roller-coaster of Narcissistic Abuse is exhausting. Feeling trapped, alone, powerless, and misunderstood steals your hope and drains your resources. You’re bone-tired; living on auto-pilot is easier, although that is not what you want. All the while, there’s a voice in the back of your mind relentlessly criticizing you, chastising you for your “failures." You can’t get that voice to stop, and you feel like you can't do anything right. Even if you were to tell someone what is happening, you're not sure they would believe you. Or worse -- they'd say you're crazy, unstable, and it's your fault.

    I get it. And that’s why I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach specializing in Narcissistic and Psychological Abuse. My mission is to leverage my own experience, understanding, training, and knowledge of the devastating effects of this insidious form of psychological abuse to help you overcome your trauma and begin living the way you want to. We’re in this together. I’m in your corner, and I will believe you.
    Abuse happens within an unhealthy relationship you have invested in and causes psychological and emotional trauma. A critical component of Psychological Abuse Recovery is that the recovery work is done in the context of a healthy, supportive and safe relationship.

Working with a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach provides that healing relationship. The support and accountability you receive can amplify the results of your efforts and accelerate your momentum as you do the work of recovery. I believe that, although you have all you need to heal, taking those steps toward lasting change will be easier and you will feel so much safer with the unwavering support of a Coach. I, too, am a survivor of Narcissistic and Psychological Abuse and have the training and experience to provide you with the specialized support you need to heal.

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You don't have to do it alone.

As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I help survivors, just like you, heal from adult relationship abuse and complex developmental trauma. I specialize in Narcissistic and Psychological Abuse and the after effects on the Victim-Survivor. Every survivor’s path to healing is unique -- just like their story and experience. Together, we will walk your journey as you make peace with the past, finding sure-footing in the present and walking confidently into the life that you want.

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Asking for help is the first courageous step. But notice -- You are here now, reading this. I believe that means you are ready to begin.

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