HIPAA Practices

How Jenny Seale Coaching Voluntarily Adheres to HIPAA's Privacy Rule

Although I am not required by law, I choose to implement many HIPAA-compliant practices for your benefit. All of my notes from coaching sessions, any information you send me, and all forms of identification and payment in my office are confidential and locked in physical security files, password-protected computer files, or stored on a HIPAA-compliant platform.

I have entered into Business Associate Agreements with Spruce Health, Quenza, MedForward, and Zoom, making these platforms HIPAA-compliant. My payment system, Stripe/Marketing360, provides security according to state, federal, and banking statutes/mandates.

I may converse with other coaches or mental health professionals in peer, and supervisory consultation situations, without revealing your identity to improve the quality of your care.