Session Zoom & Communication Links

Coaching Sessions on Zoom

We meet using the same Zoom link every week!

I've posted this link to my Zoom Meeting Room so that you don't have to find it in your email.

Enter Jenny's Zoom Meeting Room

Spruce Health (Text Messaging with Jenny)

Please use this link to create an account and set up the app on your phone. You can also log into and use Spruce from your computer/tablet.

Jenny Seale Coaching on Spruce Health

My Spruce Health number is 512.877.3233 (texts and calls).

You can send text messages to that number from the Spruce HeaIth app (secure on your end) and your usual text message app (no guarantee of security). Your messages always arrive in my Spruce account. When you use the app to text me, this is called “App-to-App Message.”

Email Communication with Jenny

Using your regular email app (Gmail, etc.), your emails to come to my Spruce account. Based on your desire for security in our communications, you may choose to send email to this Spruce email address or my Gmail address: